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Friday, October 26, 2018 11:13 AM
The Consortium of LGBT Higher Education Resource Professionals is proud to serve  a field of practitioners comprised of a vast array of dedicated individuals committed to enriching the lives and campus climates for LGBTQ people. It is only appropriate that we are honor and recognize the labor of our colleagues and the sustainable impact that we all have at our institutions
This year we are excited to invite nominations for the following three 2019 Consortium awards: 
Outstanding Social Justice Practice
This award recognizes significant commitments to social justice in both the field of Student Affairs as an academic discipline and through advanced practice in a professional capacity. This includes research, published work, advocacy, policy change, advising and/or mentoring student organizations, curriculum creation, best practices, and other work that addresses the intersecting identities of race, class, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion, ability, national origin, age, familial status, veteran status, and other emerging identities.
Exemplary nominees for this award exhibit:
  • contribution to the practice of socially just, intersectional practice in LGBTQ student services with clearly defined accomplishments and documentation
  • contribution to the body of literature regarding intersectionality in the academy
  • successfully worked with and across multiple communities/identities to make change
Promising New Professional
This award recognizes a professional with less than five years of experience and the unique role new professionals play in supporting students and innovating campus programs while elevating the work of a campus LGBTQ Center. The award recognizes a new professional who is doing outstanding service, demonstrates innovative or creative effort within the profession, and shows significant promise for leadership on the field.
Exemplary nominees for this award exhibit:
  • work that has created and assessed marked change in a campus center, office, or unit that provides direct service to LGBTQ people on campus
  • work that impacts local campus and LGBTQ people on a regional and national level.
Service to the Consortium
This award is designed to recognize and honor individuals who have provided exemplary service to the Consortium over a number of years through assuming a leadership role. Awardees will have demonstrated involvement in organizational programs and activities, including the support of Consortium members.
Exemplary nominees for this award exhibit:
  • substantial contribution to the work and success of the Consortium of Higher Education LGBT Resource Professionals over time
  • service to the Consortium through leadership roles at different levels
  • demonstrated value of and engagement with the mission and values of the organization
Nomination Requirements and Timeline
In addition to information about the nominator and nominee, the nominator should submit the following materials in support of their nomination:
  • a cover sheet/email indicating the below basic information
  • a copy of the Nominee's Curricula Vitae and/or resume
  • a nomination letter, written by the nominator
  • no more than two additional letters of support
  • any other  relevant supporting documentation (such as news stories/ articles) that strengthen the nomination
To submit a nomination, please fill out this form by Wednesday, October 31, 2018. Winners will be announced at Creating Change 2019, but nominees do not have to be present at Creating Change to win. Nominees (and nominators) do not have to be members of the Consortium.
If you have any questions about the awards process, please reach out to Kayla Lisenby ([email protected]) or Rashad Small ([email protected]).