Regional Representatives coordinate the diverse regional networks of Consortium member institutions. They work to ensure member and non-member institutions have access to continuing professional development, education, advocacy, and support resources. Regions are managed by the Membership Engagement Collective.

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Note: The Regional Facebook groups are only for Consortium members only.   

Regional Representatives

Red Region (Facebook Group)
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Brunswick, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont
Email: [email protected]

Xiomara Giordano (She/They/Ella/Elle) Bennington College

Orange Region (Facebook Group)
Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington DC
Email: [email protected]

Lyosha Gorshkov (None) Colgate University
Robby Fahrenholtz (They/Them/Theirs) Adelphi University

Yellow Region (Facebook Group)
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, Ontario, South Dakota, Wisconsin
Email: [email protected]

Angie Freeman (They/Them) University of Michigan
Zach Parker (He/Him/His) University of Missouri-Kansas City

R. Chad Freeman (He/Him/His) University of Cincinnati

Green Region (Facebook Group)
Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia
Email: [email protected]

Blue Region (Facebook Group)
Arkansas, Arizona, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Purple Region (Facebook Group)
California, Hawaii, Nevada
Robert Powers (He/Him/His) 

Pink Region (Facebook Group)
Alaska, Alberta, British Columbia, Colorado, Denver, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
Email: [email protected]

Rachel Freeman-Cohen (She/They) Whitman College


Note: To connect with a Regional Representative, please email [email protected]